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IDEO - London / 2014 - 2015

Mid project album cover with IDEO DBS team

Mid project album cover with IDEO DBS team

I joined IDEO London straight out of University after meeting head of Interaction Design, Steve O'Conner at the New Designers exhibition after graduation. 

As a young, naive designer; I was incredibly grateful of IDEO's willingness to throw me straight into projects. When I talk about this time to designers just entering the market, I recall my first day being upside in a car foot well installing raspberry Pi's into a selection of cars for testing. 

M&S - HMW create more meaningful relationships with loyal customers

I worked with a small team to research and create a new type of loyalty program for Marks & Spencer's, meeting customers from all around the UK to better understand their relationship with the company and then creating a program that celebrates the 2 way relationship M&S has with it's old, new and future customers. This later was named sparks and received over 4 million participants in the first year.