or Orcfull, depends how you know me

A bit about me


Alistair Norris is a Senior Interaction Designer at Agency, where he designs, prototypes and builds experiences.

He grounds his love for emerging technologies in people’s needs, finding the intersection between the best new thing and the thing that works best. Alistair is an active participant in many grassroots online communities and digital economies, and he uses these experiences as inspiration for his design work in the real world. Alistair has global experience, having spent time at IDEO’s London location prior to coming to Singapore. He has worked with clients ranging from large corporations to startups and academic institutions in industries including retail, automotive, logistics, finance and the public sector. He also spent a year in the trenches of the startup world building products from the ground to thousands of users. Alistair studied interaction design at Dundee University’s school of design in Scotland, graduating with 1st Class Honours.

Me in my spare time

You’ll likely find me sitting around at home playing video games with my wife and cat. I grew up in Scotland, moved to London after graduating to work for IDEO and then met my now-wife Megan who brought me back with her to Singapore in 2015. I like to do pottery in my free time, to make up for all the time I spend designing digitally. I play DoTA2 to decompress after stressful days and play an active role of ‘builder of things’ for my wife’s art practice, which I enjoy deeply. I’m very grateful for the relationships I’ve made that have shaped me as a designer and try to give back to the community a few years behind me as much as I can, whether through 1 to 1 chats or helping out at design events to hone new designers.